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Technology Due Diligence


Before you acquire or invest in technology companies, you need solid technical information to complement the financial picture. Failure to properly assess products, technologies and systems may lead to a Technical Due Diligence Horror Story, resulting in business failures, investment writeoffs, unsuccessful mergers, flawed deliverables, missed deadlines, legal troubles, and/or general frustration.

The good news is that these problems can be avoided through proper due diligence. The professionals who serve our Technology Practice are adept at this analysis. Read more about our Technology Practice below.

Our Credentials

Our Technology Practice professionals have in-depth experience in all areas of the computer and technology industries, including but not limited to extensive due diligence experience with:

Table?Software Developers Telecommunications Companies Application Service Providers Electronic Commerce Companies Computer Manufacturers Biotechnology Firms Medical Device Manufacturers Web Development Firms Multimedia Companies Systems Integrators Internet Access Providers

Software company application areas we have worked in include the following:

Table?Customer Relationship Management Internet Infrastructure Data Warehousing Multimedia and Games Decision Support Personal Productivity Software e-Business Storage and Storage Management Enterprise Applications Wireless Communications Information Security

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What We Can Do For You

We bring the skills, experience, and breadth and depth of knowledge necessary to:

  • Look under the covers and determine the real value of underlying technology assets;
  • Assess the culture, productivity, management experience and technical depth of target development staff who will play a critical role in determining your future success or failure; and
  • Evaluate development methodologies, coding guidelines, quality, infrastructure, security precautions, quality assurance capabilities, and disaster and recovery preparedness.

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Questions We Will Answer On Your Behalf

We provide answers to important questions, such as:

  • Is the product unique in the market or one of many similar products? How easily can the product be replicated?
  • Are competitors working on competitive offerings, and, if so, when are they likely to come to market? Are technology trends or developments evolving that may make it extremely difficult for product or technology to succeed?
  • Will the technology scale, or will it stop working, or experience serious problems, when transaction levels increase? Have adequate precautions been made concerning security?
  • Does the technical architecture allow the product to evolve over time based on market needs or will the next major revision require a complete re-write starting from scratch?
  • How much time and money is necessary to meet technical goals?
  • Does the target company have the personnel, experience, management and technical capabilities to meet objectives and targeted milestones?

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Deliverables We Will Create For You

The principal deliverable prepared by the Technology Practice is a Technology Assessment, which is an in-depth evaluation of the technology created by and utilized by the target company.

Members of our Technology Practice will also participate in cross-practice teams that assist with the preparation of a comprehensive Post-Merger Integration Plan for our clients who are contemplating or actively moving forward with merging two entities together.

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