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Merger and Acquisition Due Diligence and Post Merger Integration Planning

Merger Integration Planning Practice

Being good at mergers and acquisitions is contingent on your being good at integration planning. It's very simple - if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Our Merger Integration Planning Practice can assist you in preparing a detailed post-merger integration plan and managing your post-merger integration teams. We leverage a proven methodology that fosters speed, leadership, direction, accountability, and results.

We believe this Practice provides an excellent complement to our due diligence capabilities, allowing us to connect the pre-deal phase directly to the post-deal phase at the earliest possible stage and thereby greatly increase the likelihood that the transaction will be successful.

Read more about our Merger Integration Planning Practice below.

Our Credentials

Our Merger Integration Planning Practice is staffed with skilled and experienced professionals who specialize in this field, assisting in areas such as retaining customers and talent, transferring skills and knowledge, merging operations, and managing expectations internally and in the marketplace. Our people are bright, flexible, innovative and entrepreneurial.

We maintain our edge by continually updating our knowledge on post-merger integration techniques, industry trends, business risks, information technology, and processes and controls. This helps us ask the right questions and do the right work so we can create, build and protect value on your behalf.

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What We Can Do For You

We bring the skills, experience, and breadth and depth of knowledge necessary to:

  • Manage the process that ultimately results in a comprehensive post-merger integration plan that allows you to achieve the business objectives that originally drove the transaction;
  • Define the communication and feedback mechanisms that announce the post-merger integration plan details to various stakeholders and that track progress and resolve issues as they arise; and
  • Ensure that your merger or acquisition transaction has the best possible chance of being successful by preparing detailed, prioritized, and scheduled short and long-term action plans for performance measures and goals, processes, information systems, and organization design; information system requirements; detailed material and information flows; and detailed organizational and training requirements.

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Questions We Will Answer On Your Behalf

We provide answers to important questions, such as:

  • What strategies, objectives and milestones should we be pursuing after the transaction closes? What should we focus on first? How do we communicate our plans to key stakeholders? How should we track our progress?
  • What should the organizational structure be after this merger? Will any divisions be sold off? How much autonomy should the new group have? How can we be sure to keep the best people on board and keep them productive? How do we merge these two very different compensation and benefits schemes?
  • Which products should we continue to make and which should we close down? How do we get the newly acquired development team to start using some of our component technologies?
  • How do we go about streamlining suppliers? How do we integrate internal controls and financial systems? How do we consolidate six distribution centers into one? How do we integrate the MIS departments and what should their new priorities be?

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Deliverables We Will Create For You

The principal deliverable prepared by the Merger Integration Planning Practice is a comprehensive Post-Merger Integration Plan.

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