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Current practice areas include strategy due diligence, technology due diligence, logistics due diligence, financial due diligence, and post-merger integration planning.
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Methodology for due diligence - Metholodologies for post-merger integration planning

Due Diligence Methodolgy - Post-Merger Integration Planning Methodologies

We have a strong methodology that ensures that we exceed your expectations and meet all of your due diligence and management consulting needs. Steps we typically undertake during an engagement include the following:

  • Step 1 — Needs Assessment and Scope of Work Definition. Prior to conducting an engagement on your behalf, our consultants conduct a visit to your office to learn about the specifics of the project. If it's due diligence work, we flesh out the proposed transaction and your due diligence needs. If it's management consulting work, we discuss the background of the project and your desired outcomes. Establishing and prioritizing clear objectives is the central goal of this initial meeting. We then discuss the availability of your resources and we define which areas our team will focus on. We finalize a Scope of Work Definition, agreeing on the scope, objectives, tactical approach, timeline, staffing, deliverables, and fee structure.
  • Step 2 — Start Up. Once you confirm that we should proceed, we assemble the team. The consultants who form the team are specifically chosen based on their skills and background to ensure that the project is successful. We typically will conduct a start-up workshop that introduces our professionals to your team members and reviews relevant background information on the target company, the transaction, the industry, and our due diligence objectives. We explain what information will be collected, what site visits will be conducted, what analyses will be performed, and what end products we will deliver at the end of the project.
  • Step 3 — Kick-Off Meeting. We conduct a kickoff meeting with company management. In a merger, acquisition or investment scenario, we meet with the target company management in order to clarify the due diligence process, the issues that will be addressed, and the meetings and site visits that will need to take place. We enhance our knowledge of the business issues during these early conversations and in some cases refine the plan based on new information. We make the initial requests for information that we need to collect, such as business plans, forecasts, financial statements, sales and profit breakdown, market data, transportation records, customer lists, technology specifications, and supplier contacts.
  • Step 4 — Meetings, Site Visits, Analysis and Communication. After the kick-off meeting, we conduct the rest of the process that has been specifically designed for this transaction or analysis. We conduct many interviews. For example, suppliers and customers are discreetly interviewed as to their perceptions of the company's products and services and its position alongside competitors. We collect and examine relevant information. We work through our methodologies to identify issues that may need to be brought to your attention and that require further investigation. Throughout the analysis, we conduct informal presentations and progress reviews with you. For example, we may debrief you after we interview the product development team or conduct a tour of a distribution center; later, we follow up with a more formal report.
  • Step 5 — Final Presentations and Deliverables. Once all the interviews and site visits have been completed by the due diligence team and all of the accompanying analyses performed, we formalize our finding into our final presentation and final deliverables. (To learn more, visit the Deliverables section of our site). We present our findings to you and discuss them in detail. In the case of a due diligence review, this should result in your having a firm understanding of key issues surrounding the company, including the attractiveness of its markets, how the company is performing, the company's position in its markets, future performance of the company, and our perspective on your exit prospects. We will also have discussed key issues that may affect whether you go forward with the transaction, negotiations concerning the price and terms, or plans and capital requirements for the future.
  • Step 6 — Preparation of Post-Transaction Integration Plan (optional). If our work centers around a merger, acquisition or investment, we recommend that you also involve our team in your post-transaction planning efforts. This is particularly relevant for mergers and acquisitions. To learn more, read about our Merger Integration Planning Practice and the Post-Merger Integration Plans that they prepare.