Astute Diligence - Management Consulting Firm - Our due diligence consultants assist with technology due diligence, strategy due diligence, distribution and logistics due diligence, financial and accounting due diligence, and post-merger integration planning.
Astute Diligence
Astute Diligence is a leading provider of due diligence and management consulting services.
We help our clients analyze, evaluate, and make complex business decisions associated with transactional events. Learn more about Astute Diligence!
Current practice areas include strategy due diligence, technology due diligence, logistics due diligence, financial due diligence, and post-merger integration planning.
Astute Diligence consultants leverage in-depth expertise in specific industries, proven industry-focused methodologies, and extensive research capabilities to provide state-of-the-art due diligence services.
Find an office near you. Astute Diligence is establishing a global network of offices, with locations in more than 40 countries worldwide.
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Challenging opportunities for freelance consulting professionals - freelance consulting work for independent contractors

Opportunities for Affiliated Consultants

If you are a freelance expert who has mastered a technology, industry or functional discipline, we may have some challenging project-based work for you.

Unlike impersonal electronic exchanges like,, or, we personalize our relationship with you.

We carefully nurture our relationships with private equity firms and corporate development teams to secure interesting due diligence consulting and post-merger integration planning assignments.

We contract directly with you to take advantage of your specialized skills and you assist us in assisting our clients. You fill in the gaps with expertise that is not available via our in-house professional staff.

You can be selective in picking your assignments. If you are busy with other clients, take a pass. If a project interests you, sign up. The key is that we are out there selling and promoting your expertise to an elite clientele base that we know intimately. Needless to say, this can greatly accelerate your consulting achievements.

We are looking for the best of the best. We are extremely selective in choosing our Affiliated Professionals because our clients need expert advice, not expert-wannabe advice.

If you are interested in an Affiliate Professional opportunity, we encourage you to:

  • Fill Out Our Online Application. The more information you give us, the better we'll understand your skills, the kind of work you've done in the past, and how we might be able to best leverage your talents. An Astute Diligence representative will assess your application and we will contact you if we believe we can use your skills.
  • Learn How It Works. We've assembled a series of questions and answers about our Affiliated Professionals program. Check them out and learn more about the many advantages of working with us and how it works.